The 15 Most Okayplayer Moments From 'The Daily Show'

Stew Beef! Jon Stewart's 15 Most Okayplayer-ish Moments On 'The Daily Show'

The Wu-Tang Clan Reemerges, Perform New Single "Ron O'Neal" On The Daily Show

Stew Beef!!! We hardly knew ye. It is, without a doubt, the end of an era. This week Jon Stewart announced that he will be abdicating his duties behind the desk of The Daily Show, ending a 17 -year run as the lead anchor and unstoppable force behind the Comedy Central program–and the rest of Comedy Central’s programming too, considering The Daily Show‘s multiple successful spin-offs. Under Stewart’s command The Daily Show grew from an irreverent talk show to one of the most important sources of news for young(ish) Americans; Stewart offered us an escape from the slanted narratives of mainstream reporting and the bloviating of those in power–it’s not too much of a stretch to call the program a miniature media revolution.

When he finally does leave the program for good (which is said to happening at an unspecified date later this year), Stewart will be free to reminisce on the hundreds of interviews and special segments that he himself made possible–the presidents, writers, journalists, actors and musicians that stopped for their big Daily Show moment. Of that host of guests, a great many of them belonged to the worlds of hip-hop, r&b and jazz. Others were crucial figures in black cinema, television and politics. Having made his late night hosting debut on MTV (where he gave The Roots their moment of on-camera shine), Stewart has never shied away from progressive mentalities and musicians–and if his hip-hop credentials were ever in doubt, that doubt should be permanently dispelled by the fact that Jon Stewart AKA Stew Beef AKA J-Stew is the only late night host to have received his rapper name from the brilliant Tracy Morgan on-air (watch below). Keeping that fact in mind, we’ve scoured the Comedy Central archives and compiled the 15 Most Okayplayer-ish Moments from The Daily Show. From The Wu Tang Clan‘s very recent reunion performance, all the way back to a all-denim-everything-clad Busta Rhymes and a fresh-faced Dave Chappelle, turn the pages and relive some of the freshest moments in the program’s history. We’ll miss you, Jon–thanks for all the truth you spat. Watch Tracy christen Stew Beef below and then click through 15 more of the most hip-hop moments during Jon Stewart’s tenure on The Daily Show.

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