Jimmy Kimmel Prank Reveals Actual People Think Martin Luther King Is Still Alive And On Twitter

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Oklahoma City Workers Caught On Tape Calling Martin Luther King Day 'Ni**er Day'
Source: PBS

Judging by a new “Lie Witness News” segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a lot of people still think that Martin Luther King Jr. is still alive.

READ: Oklahoma City Workers Caught On Tape Calling Martin Luther King Day ‘Ni**er Day’ 

In celebration of MLK Day, Kimmel showed a special “Lie Witness News” centered around an unreal Twitter feud between the iconic civil rights activist and Donald Trump.

“Clearly there’s some history between those two from their time spent together on Celebrity Apprentice,” the interviewer told one passerby in an Oakley T-shirt. “I’m sure you remember when—”

“Yes,” the man said, as the interviewer continued, “…when Bret Michaels beat Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at selling frozen yogurt. How much of their current fight do you think stems from that?”

“There’s probably a little bit,” the man replied. “I mean there’s always a history.”

Later in the segment a young passerby was asked if it was wrong or not that King missed Trump’s inauguration.

“I don’t think that ‘wrong’ was the right word, but I think Martin Luther King has the right to not go,” he said.

When pressed further if he could think of any valid reason King might have for missing the event, like a funeral, the interviewee answered: “Maybe he had something else to go to…a family event. Yeah, maybe a funeral. Maybe he just watched it on TV.”

Considering that Trump seems to Twitter beef with everyone imaginable (except Eminem that is) we would not be surprised if Trump tried to start a Twitter feud with a man who has been dead for over 50 years. But then again come on guys, surely you were taught about King in school. How dose of you still believe that he is still alive?

Anyways, kudos to Kimmel for this one.

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