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Watch Hannibal Buress Discuss 'The Eric Andre Show,' Drop A Freestyle On 'Hot Ones'
Hannibal Buress Freestyles While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
Source: YouTube

Watch Hannibal Buress Discuss 'The Eric Andre Show,' Drop A Freestyle On 'Hot Ones'

Hannibal Buress recently served as the guest on the 100th episode of the Internet series Hot Ones, where he discussed making his rap debut with "Gibberish Rap," as well as recounting memorable moments on The Eric Andre Show.

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In talking about "Gibberish Rap," Buress notes how how he "made the 'Gibberish Rap' song and got really excited about it. A couple blogs picked it up. I was hyped, and I just told people send me a beat and I'll do some features."

He also spoke on "Versace Breakfast," the follow-up to "Giberrish Rap," and how it wasn't as well-received as the former.

Buress also talks about being a part of The Eric Andre Show and how one episode featuring rappers such as Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky was one of the funniest sketches the comedians did together.

"The most fun I think I had was the Rapper Warrior Ninja. We were just dying laughing because the course was set up and no one really ran through it," Buress said. "I was watching like 'Yo, they might get hurt for real.' Danny took a nasty fall in there...that s**t looked crazy."

But the best part surely comes toward the end, when Buress drops a special freestyle.

Recently, Buress spoke on his Miami arrest that took place back in December of last year, where he was charged for misdemeanor disorderly intoxication.

"What happened is that I asked the [officer] to call me an Uber, and he said, 'No.' He told me to leave the street. I go into this bar to get a phone charge or an Uber," Buress said to "He follows me into the bar, and told me I'm too drunk to go inside. This is on the police report, but it's not in the body-cam footage. 'If I can't be on the street, where do you want me to be?' I ask him. I was in a state of trying to get home. The body-cam video starts after that. That's why I'm so vocal toward him. Without that context, it looks like I'm an a**hole. Obviously, it's an avoidable situation, but I don't really believe I was at fault."

Ultimately, the charges against Buress were dropped in late January.