George Clinton Ascends With The Mothership In New 'Afrofuturism' Episode

George Clinton Ascends With The Mothership In New 'Afrofuturism' Episode

by zo
March 07, 2017 5:08 PM

George Clinton Picks Up Right Where Sun Ra Left Off in New 'Afrofuturism' Episode

Following their explorations of Sun Ra and Lt. Nyota Uhura (of the Starship Enterprise,) DUST returns with another animated voyage in a third installment of their Afrofuturism series. This time, George Clinton and The Mothership are on full-display. Where Sunny and Uhura carried the astral-minded in their respective decades, it Clinton and The Funk Mob that kept eyes and ears to the sky well beyond their string of late-seventies anthems with infamous stage presence (30-deep, the late Garry Shider in a diaper) and explicitly untamable aesthetic. Not to mention, some of the baddest players on the planet.

Narrated by Little Simz, the cosmic cartoon visualizes the moment Clinton allegedly ate from the same lunch counter as Sun Ra and Jimi Hendrix (who will be the subject of an upcoming episode in the series,) and draws direct lines between Sunny’s spaced-out jazz and Clinton’s unrivaled funk party. Watch George Clinton ascend in a new episode of DUST’s Afrofuturism series in the clip below. Hold tight for new transmissions on Jimi and Missy Elliott in the weeks ahead. Jump back to peep their dedications to Sun Ra and Lt Nyota Uhura (played by the lovely, Nichelle Nichols.)  

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