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Faizon Love Says Kevin Hart Is A Better Comedian Than Dave Chappelle
Faizon Love Says “F*** Judd Apatow” and Dave Chappelle Isn’t The King of Comedy | Sway's Universe
Source: YouTube

Faizon Love Says Kevin Hart Is A Better Comedian Than Dave Chappelle

Faizon Love did not hold back his opinion of Dave Chappelle and him receiving millions of dollars from Netflix for his comedy specials.

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During a recent appearance on Sway in the Morning, Love said that Chappelle didn't deserve the amount of money received from Netflix because he had been absent from comedy game for several years prior to his recent comeback.

"He's talented but is he $40 million worth?" he asked. "They were callin' this n***a the king. Of what?"

Adding to that, Love said that Chappelle's Show was only good because of Charlie Murphy, as well as declared Kevin Hart better than Chappelle.

"Kevin Hart is homegrown, creative by himself," he said. "Dave Chappelle is manufactured in Hollywood. He's never done anything besides the show that was fire."

Chappelle recently won his first Grammy at this year's awards ceremony. The comedian received the Best Comedy Album for his two Netflix specials the Heart of Texas and The Age of Spin.

"I am honored to win an award, finally. And I wanted to thank everybody at Netflix, everyone at Saturday Night Live and everyone at Chappelle Show," he began, while also thanking his family. "See you on Monday."

During the awards ceremony, Chappelle also announced the winner of Best Rap Album but not before he acknowledged A Tribe Called Quest's snub from the Grammys.