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Desus & mero Forgive DJ Envy
Desus & mero Forgive DJ Envy
Source: Shpwtime

Desus and Mero & DJ Envy Have Squashed their Beef

Desus & mero Forgive DJ Envy Source: Sh0wtime

Did Envy squash his beef with Desus and Mero?

This week was the one-year anniversary of one of the great radio moments of the last 10 years: DJ Envy's confrontation with Desus and Mero. (Envy wanted an apology for mentioning his wife, Gia Casey, in some jokes they had.) It seems like the two comedians have moved on from the incident.

On the latest episode of DESUS & MERO, which is now on Showtime, the two talked about sending a gift to Envy — they called it a "peace offering" — one they claimed that the DJ loved.

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They then played footage of Envy commenting on the gift he received on The Breakfast Club. While he didn't reveal what it was, Envy seemed to enjoy the "peace offering." "Appreciate you guys, man," DJ Envy said.

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Desus said that he sent Envy an Edible Arrangements signed "Happy Anniversary from Dickhead and Pussy." (We're not sure if this was a joke or if he was serious.)

Check out the moment below.