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Watch April+VISTA's Visually Stunning "Every Void" Video
Watch April+VISTA's Visually Stunning "Every Void" Video
Source: April + VISTA

Watch April+VISTA's Visually Stunning "Every Void" Video

April+VISTA drop release their latest video.

Independent DMV-based duo April+VISTA have released their new song and video. The song is called "Every Void" and it features the duo taking their genre-bending music to another level. The song features the duo working with a string ensemble called Rouge Collective, giving the song an extra dramatic umph.

Speaking about "Every Void," April told us, over email, how she wrote the song:

I wrote the lyrics at a crossroads point for me personally and creatively. I was finding it incredibly difficult to balance everything on my plate and felt like I was slowly cracking under the pressures that come with being a fully independent artist. Writing was beginning to feel fruitless and chore-like.

One night, during an episode of sleep paralysis, I saw a dark figure enter my bedroom. It stood by the side of my bed and screamed the most otherworldly scream. I’d never heard anything like it. For weeks I tried to make sense of what I saw, and ultimately found inspiration in the idea of our conscious self vs. our unconscious self and the Jungian definition of the shadow. To me, the figure represented the negative attributes and feelings I was suppressing, and it all revealed itself to me as a dark figure screaming either in agony or relief.

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 The video was directed by Taylor Thompson, who creates a haunting visual to match April's vision.

Speaking about the video, April said:

We wanted to stay away from a concrete storyline and rather focus on themes and feelings. The more horror-like scenes with the mysterious hands, the fire, are all supposed to evoke feelings of claustrophobia and loss of control, which is how Matt and I were both feeling in our personal and professional journeys.

Watch April+VISTA's "Every Void" video below.