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Soulja Boy Went Crazy on Drake
Soulja Boy Went Crazy on Drake
Source: Breakfast Club

Ten Things We Learned from Soulja Boy's Insane 'Breakfast Club' Interview

Soulja Boy Went Crazy on Drake Source: Breakfast Club

Soulja Boy (aka Big Draco) just conducted one of the most memorable rap interviews in years. Here is everything we learned from it.

Soulja Boy had never appearedon The Breakfast Club, the most popular hip-hop-based morning show in the country. That changed on Wednesday,January 6th, when he dropped by the show for about an hour.

What an introduction.

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It's still early, but Soulja Boy's hour-long appearance might go down as one of the greatest Breakfast Club interviews of all time. The theme of the interview was legacy, Soulja Boy broke down why he has been one of the most influentialrappers of all time. (Whatever your opinions on his music are, you can't deny that this is true.)

There are many great moments in the interview. But the moment that went viral almost immediatelywas when Soulja Boy (or is it Soulja Man?) started talking about Drake. Soulja Boy was making the argument that he had the best comeback of 2018. CharlemagneThaGod countered by saying Meek Mill held the comeback crown, and then included reasons why, mentioning that he survived a beef with Drake.

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And that's when Soulja Boy (real name Big Draco) went off:

That moment is sure to become a legendarymeme (hanging in therafters with Baby,Ray J, and Dame Dash) But it wasn't the only great moment. Here are ten things we learned from Soulja Boy's insane Breakfast Club interview:

Drake used Soulja Boy's "What's Hannenin'"-flow on "Miss Me."

Soulja Boy is the reason why your favorite rapper is on socialmedia.

The reason why his name is Big Draco.

The truth behind his $400 million deal.

6ix9ine took Soulja Boy's blueprint.

That he is the first rapper to release his own video game console.

That he is actually from Compton (or Bompton) California.

That, despite the fact he had no song chart last year, his comeback was bigger than Tyga's.

That he discovered Lil Pump and Rich the Kid.

And. The internettold him he wasn't a father.

Check out the entire interview below.