Yasiin Bey Muhammad Ali Tribute streaming LIVE FROM AFRICA

Yasiin Bey Muhammad Ali Tribute 'LIVE FROM AFRICA' Streaming Exclusively On Okayplayer

by karaslamb
January 16, 2014 3:30 PM


UPDATE: If you missed Yasiin Bey‘s LIVE FROM AFRICA stream this past Friday in honor of Muhammad Ali’s 72nd birthday, then that was it. It was a one-time-only live exclusive (turn the page for the whole story) beamed out from a rooftop in Cape Town, South Africa. If you tuned in at 7pm, you missed it. Go home. It’s over.

This being the internet, however, we should not be surprised that some enterprising soul created a bootleg archive of the event by picking up their cameraphone andĀ ripping the stream right off the front page of Okayplayer–! (watch for our cameo right in the very beginning). The audio here is pretty terrible–and certainly doesn’t do justice to the transatlantic echo modulating Mos’ voice on the live performance and the exhilarating, goosebump-ly experience of watching it unfold in real time. No word yet from Team Yasiin whether there will eventually be an official archive (like the man said, The Time Is Always Now). But while we watch the skies, consider this a digital memento of that singular moment in time, a “Happy Born Day Champ” e-card you can tape to your cybernetic fridge. Because nothing says “Happy Born Day, Champ” like interpolating Eric B. & Rakim over some Ethiojazz. Enjoy:

[Content Removed By Request]


It’s coming, it’s coming…it’s here! Watch below to experience 3 new exclusives from Yasiin Bey FKA Mos Def, broadcasting “Live From Africa” in tribute to the birthday of heavweight champ and cultural icon Muhammad Ali, who turned 72 years old today. The new material is being grouped under the title “The Time Is Always Now” and brought to you by a collective working as A Country Called Earth. Watch and then turn the page to get more backstory…

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