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The Freshest Prince : OKP's Top 10 Will Smith Moments
The Freshest Prince : OKP's Top 10 Will Smith Moments

The Freshest Prince : OKP's Top 10 Will Smith Moments

The Freshest Prince : OKP's Top 10 Will Smith Moments

Will Smith has been entertaining the masses for almost 30 years now. On his 46th born day, we're poised to prove that he's about as dynamic of a performer as we've seen in the 20th and 21st centuries. From first catching our ears with his partner in rhyme DJ Jazzy Jeff all those years ago (no doubt providing the definitive Summer jump-off jam for most of us) to catching our eyes on his monumental sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Smith has emerged from West Philly (born & raised) as one of its most celebrated sons, cementing himself as a household name and perennial hit-maker in the realms of sounds and sight.

Today we're giving y'all a few more reasons to celebrate the man's legacy with a feast for the senses chronicling Big Will's rise from The Fresh Prince to alien slayer to Bad Boy to prize-fighting legend and back again.  Here's our ode to the man who dissected the parent/child buffer, showed us that an icy pair of Js holds up with or without the laces and had us all mesmerized by that damn handshake. Here's to the man that brought hip-hop into living rooms across America and eventually had the entire world singing back every word to that infectious opening theme. Go ahead and relive some of Will Smith's finest moments and wish the (now) King of Bel Air a happy four-six.

The Opening Theme That No One Can Seem To Forget

There's no better place to start than what is perhaps one of the most infectious theme songs the world has ever seen. We're talking Simpsons status. And yes, you know every word. Stop playing.

The Handshake

Greatest. Dap. Ever.

The Mid-80s Tape w/ Early Sketches Of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's Cuts

Not only does this tape feature some of the very first cuts from the dynamic duo, but it also plays host to a rare live recording from Union Square. All heads take heed.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - “Summertime”

There's no louder siren for the start of every Philly summer. It also happen to be the foundation for Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie's masterful mixtape series. Peep the latest installment.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - “Brand New Funk”

Championed by our resident Illadelphite as one of the greatest rap songs of all time. Get with the brand new funk.

Generations Of Freshness

This meeting of the Prince and the heir to Bel Air and Alfonso Robeiro was a monumental alignment of cross-generational madness. Opening theme? Check. The Carlton? Check. "Jump On It"? You bet.

Welcome To Earth

In his blockbuster debut, Smith cold-cocking an alien is one of the films shining moments.

"You Ever Made Love To A Man? You Want To?"

While this clip jumps from the sequel, the newly forged Bad Boy's interrogation of the boy courting his partner's daughter is a gasping-for-air hood-shit type of moment that must be seen.

Floating Like A Butterfly, Stinging Like Ali

The champ is here. Smith pulls a Denzel and plays the role of a lifetime, serving as the millennial representation of Cassius and introducing the legend to a whole new generation.

Will & Jeff Win The Very First Hip-Hop Grammy 

Is there no greater honor as a member of a culture in it's infancy than to be the inaugural winner of mainstream superlatives? Legendary ish right here, folks.