Why Frank Ocean's 'Endless' Won't Be On The Billboard Charts

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Frank Ocean's new album Blonde will likely be number one on the Billboard charts for its first week of release. But the visual album Endless, which he dropped the Thursday night before, is ineligible to chart.

Billboard reported that Endless is unavailable to chart because it's not for sale, and because none of its songs are available to individually purchase or stream. As one full-length, 45-minute long  music video, there isn't enough data to get it into the Billboard 200, or the Music Video Sales chart.

Beyonce's visual album Lemonade charted, but it was accompanied by traditional album sales, streaming-equivalent albums, and track-equivalent albums to help track it. Streams of the film weren't included in the numbers.

"While Endless is an innovative release, there is -- so far -- no industry-accepted album-equivalent ratio for streaming an entire visual album," Billboard reported. "At the present, the industry accepts that 1,500 streams of songs from an album equate to one album “unit.” But, for example, does one stream of a 45-minute visual album equate to one album unit? These are the types of questions that the industry, with Billboard and Nielsen Music, would need to answer in order to come up with a sensible way of including streamed visual albums, like Endless, onto the Billboard 200 chart.

"As the concept of the album continues to evolve, Billboard and Nielsen Music, in consultation with the industry, will continue to consider evolving chart policies to accommodate for the consumption of forward-thinking projects like Endless," Billboard concluded.

Meanwhile, Frank Ocean's album Blonde, which is available in the iTunes Store and can be streamed in Apple Music, is projected to rake in 275,000 equivalent-album units in its first week.