Indie Electronic Group Who Inspired Erykah Badu’s Controversial “Window Seat” Video Was Supposed To Be In It

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Indie Electronic Group Who Inspired Erykah Badu's Controversial "Window Seat" Video Was Supposed To Be In It
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Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” music video was inspired by Matt and Kim’s video for “Lessons Learned.”

One of Erykah Badu‘s most well-known — and controversial — music videos is for “Window Seat.” The impromptu video, which was filmed in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza (where John F. Kennedy was assassinated), showed the R&B and soul singer gradually removing her clothing until she’s naked, only to be assassinated at the end of it.

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But before the video begins, it opens with a screen displaying a message that reads “Inspired by Matt and Kim,” the indie electronic group whose music video for their song “Lessons Learned” influenced Badu’s direction for “Window Seat.”

In a recent interview with the Dallas Observer, Matt and Kim‘s Matt Johnson discussed Badu’s video and revealed that they had been invited by the singer herself to be a part of it.

“The day before [Badu] shot that video, Kim started getting texts saying ‘Hey, it’s Badu, give me a call,'” Johnson said. “We had never met Erykah Badu at this point. I don’t know how she got her phone number. We ended up getting a text from our label saying ‘Erykah Badu is trying to get in touch with you, we gave her your number.'”

The pair wasn’t able to make an appearance in the video though, because they were working on their third album, Sidewalks, at the time.

In related news, Badu will be the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award in her hometown, Dallas, Texas, next month.

Source: Dallas Observer

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