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Erykah Badu To Be Honored With Lifetime Achievement Award In Dallas

Erykah Badu Performs at Summer Spirit 2018 Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of Sneakshot Photography

The Dallas native will receive the honor December 10.

Erykah Badu will be the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award in her hometown, Dallas, Texas.

The R&B and soul singer will be honored at this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards. The publication announced that Badu is going to be the recipient of its Lifetime Achievement award on October 31.

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"...Badu hasn't merely written a name for herself in the music industry stratosphere; she also continues her own tradition of unwavering commitment to her community — not only through motivational visits and occasional appearances around her city's venues, but by continuing to employ the city's best and harnessing new talent," the Observer's Preston Jones wrote. "For these reasons, she is the obvious and only choice as a recipient of this year's Lifetime Achievement award at this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards."

The Observer's Music Awards is taking place December 10.

Previously, Dallas residents petitioned to rename a park after Badu. Originally Robert E. Lee Park, city council voted 13-1 in favor of removing the statue from the park also bearing the Confederate general's name two years ago.

"Lord knows the renowned R&B singer deserves that distinction. Hell, they already named a whole day after her down in Houston, recognizing her many accomplishments and all that she’s done to inspire young artists around the state, and somehow beating Dallas to that punch," a supporter of the petition wrote. "Naming a local park after her would go a long way toward making up for that misstep, for sure."

Source: Dallas Observer