Justin Timberlake x Jay-Z – “Suit & Tie” [Official Video]

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z in Suit & Tie

Justin Timberlake releases the video for his formally-attired comeback jam “Suit & Tie” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Jay-Z finally gets up out his seat for the million-dollar guest verse he delivers during JT’s smoke break. Gotta hand to the Timber-twins, they coudln’t have timed this thoroughly enjoyable throwback to the days of good old-fashioned love jams any better; debuting in the middle of the black tie awards season and dropping the video on V-day, all but ensuring it will be the ubiquitous radio of the spring by the time prom season gives it a second life when schools let out. The video is pure class and the strategy is impeccable but it don’t mean a thing if the song has no substance, so it helps of course that “Suit & Tie” is a canon-ready groove that fans of Cole Porter and Luther Vandross can pretty easily agree on at your next wedding or intergenerational function. Serious music heads; take off your over-critical glasses at least for today and try it on for fit; “Suit & Tie” looks good on you with, especially with a red rose on the lapel for Valentine’s day.

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