Time Pieces by Jason Goldwatch: Futura 2000 at Gumball

Time Pieces: Futura 2000 x Gumball 3000 [Dir. Jason Goldwatch]

"Time Pieces" by Jason Goldwatch following Futura 2000 on the Road for Gumball 3000

In this latest episode of director Jason Goldwatch‘s Time Pieces series, the cameraman brings his old school Super 8 on the road with graf legend/aritst Futura 2000 and his crewmates along the Gumball 3000 race across America. The rest of the team is comprised of Dos Mil’s children, photographer 13th Witness¬†and writer Tabatha McGurr, eventually coming in 39th place out of 155 squads. In between takes of the blunt-passing, music-blasting, coast-to-coast road trip you’ll spot cameos from other notable Gumballers, including Bun B and a few others we’ll let you spot for yourself. Judging from the Time Pieces series alone – which so far has brought Goldwatch to Nepal with Jay Electronica, Brazil with Pharrell and Karolina Kurkova, and Oakland with the Pope of the East Bay (Too $hort) – it’s safe to say the life of a cool guy filmmaker is one worth envying. Check out the episode below and commence plotting how to scheme your way into next year’s Gumball for a taste of the madness.

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