The Revelations Are Not Your Daddy’s Soul Group–But They Could Be If They Wanted To [Video Premiere + Interview]

The Revelations are not your daddy's soul band. But they could be.

The Revelations are not your daddy's soul band. But they could be.

The Revelations ain’t your daddy’s funk/soul/blues band (for one thing, they’ve served as backing band for the Wu Tang Clan!) On second thought, though, the Brooklyn-based, four-man ensemble could very well could be right at home chillin’ in your dad’s record collection. And that’s a good thing. A great thing really, that something released in the present day could hark back to a time when music was more honest and multilayered and not just the same old song about pulling up at the same old club and popping rosé in the VIP while doing the same old two step.

Comprising former Rocafella Records signee Rell, guitarist Wes Mingus, Ben Zwerin on bass and Gintas Janusonis on drums, The Revelations pride themselves in capturing that timeless sound that so many of their influences like Al Green and The Bar-Kays were able to capture. On the verge of releasing their third full-length project entitled The Cost Of Living (due out April 29th), The Revelations are eager–antsy, even–to share their craftsmanship with the world.

After some initial preliminaries at a café in Lincoln Center Theater Rell, Wes and Revelations producer Bob Perry wasted no time in delving into the circumstances that created the group and more importantly, that fresh/vintage combination that is so hard to balance.

Watch their new video (World Premiere!) below and then scroll down to accept more of The Revelations into your life.

OKP: So why are we here? What are we discussing? Let the players know one time.

WES MINGUS: I’m Wes Mingus, guitar player.

RELL: What’s up music world! I’m Rell.

WM: We’re here because we got a new album, got a new single… We got a lot of things in the pipeline. We got a new record deal, publicists… Everything is coming together at the right time. The name of the new album is The Cost Of Living. It’s coming out on Decision Records and being distributed though Sony and it’ll be released on April 29th. We just released a single, “Why When The Love Is Gone.” It’s an updated cover of an old Isley Brothers song that was released on Motown way back.

OKP: Wow. That is a lot. How has the response been to the single?

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