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The Grace Period Is Over, Ghostface Killah Just Went IN On Action Bronson

Even Ghostface Killah Had A Tough Time Telling His Voice From Action Bronson's

Perhaps some of you caught Action Bronson's recent appearance on an ESPN program wherein the Queens MC had a few choice words for the Wu-Tang member everyone and their mothers seem convinced he bites from. And while this writer chalked it up to some pretty harmless jabs, Ghostface Killah seems to have taken those words to heart, and now, has released a bit of a retort aimed at Bam Bam and, well, anyone who confuses the two NY staples. Now the internet is of course ablaze with the clip, firing direct shots with no remorse or concern for Bronson's livelihood. I tell ya, I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this. That two grown-ass-men wouldn't be able to leave it on the court and not take their apparent quarrel to the internets for all the world to see and hear, but so goes rap-beef in the worst ways, and it never ends well. Both rappers, have stud albums out this year; Bronson with his major label debut Mr. Wonderful and GFK with his latest installment of Twelve Reasons To Die, each sure to get a little sales spike now. Watch Ghostface Killah go all the way in on Action Bronson, along with AB's subsequent apology below and hold tight for the next episode in the Bronson vs. Pretty Tony saga.