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Raury skydive
Raury skydive

Raury Channels Skydiving + Dreams Into 'NEVERALONE,' prod. DJ Khalil

after being moved by a dream and an experience skydiving, Raury has released a new song called \u201cNEVERALONE.\u201d

A close-up shot of Raury pleasing his fans at the 2nd Annual Raurfest in Atlanta, Georgia. | Photos by Rich Martin of Infinite Ghost Machine for Okayplayer.

Artists find inspiration from all sorts of experiences; and after being moved by a dream and an experience skydiving, Raury has released a new song called “NEVERALONE.”

Raury was staying at The Patch, an artist space in Hollywood, when he created the new song, produced by DJ Khalil. He was inspired by Luke Aikins, who will skydive from 25,000 feet in the air without a parachute in “Stride Gum Presents: Heaven Sent,” which will air on Fox today, June 30, at 8 p.m. EST.

“This man has so much courage. I see a lot of myself in him, and I believe a lot America a lot of the world will see their selves in the man bold enough to jump into earth with no parachute,” Raury said. “He is me, he is all of us in a way.”

"I just happen to be born in Atlanta, and had access to music and this happened to me," Raury continued. "I’m a musical daredevil. He was born where he was born and he had access to skydiving. The differences between being a musician or being a skydiver... it’s all honestly the same. We’re all people who believe something [and] try to show the world what’s in our head, our dreams."

In the song, Raury channels a dream he had this past June in Rothbury, Mich., where he performed in the Electric Forest music festival. In the dream, he was locked in a gated community and had a key that he thought would help him escape. Once the key didn’t work, two women appeared in the dream to tell him that “freedom was acquired through knowledge, not keys,” and to “live through what you know.”

The result of skydiving, the dream, and Aikins’ upcoming challenge result in a spiritual, uplifting number from Raury. "NEVERALONE" comes after the 20-year-old released "Home" earlier this year, and his third annual RAURFEST in his hometown of Atlanta.

Listen to “NEVERALONE” above, and watch the below video for more on the background from the song, and from Raury’s own skydiving experience.