Raekwon Tells The Best Angel Dust Story Ever

Raekwon On That Time He And ODB Smoked Dust And Did 1000 Push-Ups

by zo
January 23, 2015 12:34 PM

Raekwon On That Time He And ODB Smoked Dust And Did 1000 Push-Ups

The weeks just aren’t the same without those all-too-ill vintage treatments from Raekwon. Luckily, The Chef took a moment to chop it up with the folks at 247HH, delivering a whole other kind of throwback. Namely, telling us about the time he, the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard and some of the crew’s more devout cronies had smoked PCP (Angel Dust, Sherman Helmsley, Love Boat, Ashy Larry or whatever you wanna call it these days) and worked themselves up into such a Tyrone Biggums-esque fit that each and every one of them got down and started doing push-ups until the madness had been sweat-out through their pours. End count: something close to a thousand. It’s a hilarious drug-fueled tale of Fear And Loathing proportions (one of hundreds, I’m sure) but this is in no way an endorsement of their actions. So kids, you know, don’t do drugs that come from chemistry kits. Watch Raekwon recount his hilarious PCP moment with ODB below and keep it locked for all things Rae in the weeks and months to come. Fly International Luxurious Art is still in the works, so keep you ears perked for news from that long-awaited project.

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