Amy Schumer Pitches Lin-Manuel Miranda On 'Hamilton' Spin-Off

Watch Amy Schumer Pitch Lin-Manuel Miranda On A Hilariously-Terrible 'Hamilton' Spin-Off

by zo
April 04, 2016 1:39 PM

Questlove & Lin-Manuel Miranda Assist Amy Schumer In A Hilariously Terrible Hamilton Spin-Off

If there’s any truth to the claims, Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Hamilton production has become one of the hottest Broadway tickets ever in its year-plus at NYC’s Richard Rodgers Theatre. The show has earned acclaim for critics and high-level celebrities alike and the show’s cast recording, executive produced by our very own Black Thought and Questlove, went on to win a Grammy this year. And deservedly so, as it remains as a one-of-a-kind theater-going experience, blending the edge and braggadocio of golden era hip-hop with the oft overlooked origin story of one of our nation’s most important historical figures, Alexander Hamilton.

But with the success of such a critically and publicly revered production, the spin-offs and sequels were damn-near impossible to avoid. Today, we bring you a clip of Amy Schumer‘s attempt at precisely this sort of extension of the Hamilton narrative, focusing on the life of American flag weaver, Betsy Ross. Hilariously-terrible in its attempt to capitalize on the Hamilton buzz, the clip finds Schumer enlisting in Miranda and Questo to help shape (and eventually fund) her Betsy Ross stage treatment. Let’s just say it doesn’t go too well. Watch as Amy Schumer makes the Betsy Ross pitch to Lin-Manuel Miranda down below. The new season of her Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer, arrives on April 21st.

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