Prince Keeps Playing w/ Our Purple Hearts, Takes Down Music From Every Streaming Service Except TIDAL

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Prince just pulled another Prince. Not like we didn’t see this coming, but just as His Purple Majesty was getting to be almost too accessible (according to Prince standards, of course) he went and pulled his entire catalogue off of every single streaming service except for TIDAL. So now if you’re looking to get your fix of b-sides while you’re on the move, you’ll have to go and get yourself set up with the hi-fi cloud service for sustenance. No surprises here really, but damn, why does the man have to make it so hard for us? Can’t we all just have a piece of the purple pie? These are the questions, no doubt every paisley patron is asking themselves today, hoping he’ll have a change of heart before we put down the $20 per month to enjoy, or immediately regret doing so. On the brighter side of things, he did grace us with some new music earlier this week, dropping off the raucous new looise “HARDROCKLOVER,” which should still be available for your wanting ears to hear. So jump back and hear the new joint and keep your ear to the ground for the latest from The Kid. 

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