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Premiere: Pegasus Warning Is In Pursuit Of The "Best Thang"
Premiere: Pegasus Warning Is In Pursuit Of The "Best Thang"

Premiere: Pegasus Warning Is In Pursuit Of The "Best Thang"

Premiere: Pegasus Warning Is In Pursuit Of The "Best Thang"

"Is there anything that we can do but search for those bits of life that are the most amazing? We have to transform ourselves, it is our only chance. And when we decide to dive deep and look down that dark hallway to the multi-colored prism that lives in love within each and every one of us. There right there is the Best Thang!" - Pegasus Warning

In case you missed the memo, Pegasus Warning returned this year with his best project to date, PwEP2. We had the pleasure of introducing the sophomore effort with the premiere of the tender slow-burner, "Come Close," still earning rotations well into these autumn days. Today we're happy to bring you the latest selection from the new project, "Best Thang," the EP's synth-funk-fortified gem; a blast of purple-tinged notes over slapping drum programs with a visual accompaniment that's melt-your-face type psychedelia. Peep the tripped-out video for Pegasus Warning's new track down below and get to know the artist also known as Guillermo Brown in a Q&A session while you're down there.

If you happen to be in LA this evening, catch a rare live performance from Pegasus Warning at the famed Low End Theory at 9:30pm PST.  Pick up a copy of PwEP2 project on iTunes today.

OKP: How did this project come together? Did the process differ from your Woof Ticket EP?

PW:WOOF TICKET EP was all bark, PwEP2 is more bite (See Hollywood Shuffle's "Winky Dinky Dog" for more info.) I wanted to delve deeper into the PW storyline and create a majestic backdrop for my project to fly.  I pretty much work the same way...sometimes I start the music then bring it to someone, other times someone brings me something and I write to it and other times we collaborate from the beginning. There is no one way. With PwEP2 I had even more production and writing collaborators: Jamie LidellRobert Lux, WILLS, Itai Shapira and Mocky all had a part in this.

Other supportive workers in the music include Nia Andrews, Joey Dosik, Lucky Paul, WYNN!, Ryan Gilligan and Jake Aron. 

OKP: How do you balance time between late-night TV and your own projects? 

PW: I have no choice! Goodness spurs on goodness! Somehow I'm able to keep it all going.

OKP: What’s next for Pegasus Warning? 

PW: Well the album is coming next year! Name and track listing to come! And a BeeBoy Creative Capital/MIT: CAST sponsored project about bee colony collapse disorder and healing from violence; a multimedia project I'm working on with theatre director Charlotte Brathwaite and visual artist Abigail Deville which may take the form of an album, performance project, an app, community outreach, an installation, and food project, a multi-part web series...