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Taylor Bennett Sway In The Morning
Taylor Bennett Sway In The Morning

Peep Taylor Bennett's Impressive "Ten Fingers Of Death" Freestyle On 'Sway In The Morning'

Taylor Bennett Happy Place

Fresh off a show at NYC's S.O.B.'s, Chicago rapper Taylor Bennett made an appearance on Sway In The Morningto participate in the popular "Five Fingers of Death" freestyle segment where guests attempt to rap off the top of the dome for around five minutes over five different, and randomly selected, beats.

Taylor Bennett did one, well five, better verses, nearly hitting the ten minute mark rapping over ten different cuts, and turned the episode into the show's first ever "Ten Fingers of Death." The freestyle began with some technical difficulties, as Bennett's headphones seemed to not have been working, but it all got smoothed out with Sway giving the Chicago MC his pair. Sway looked on as the young Bennett rapped, his face alternating from smiles to looks of awe.

The future is very bright for this talented lyricist. Bennet was showered with praises from Sway and his crew. Sway also had a message to all the wack MCs out there, calling them out for their lackluster rapping skills. No names were named, but Sway "despises" y'all from the heart. He continued, "You're destroying the game with your wack raps, it's not fair. And then from behind the curtain out of nowhere, falling from the skies, falling from a different galaxy... we got Taylor Bennett."

Watch Taylor Bennett go in on the "Ten Fingers of Death" freestyle below.