Mixtape Monday: Odd Future, DJ Lindsey, No I.D. + More

Mixtape Monday: New Mixtapes From The Music Snobs x Odd Future, Trackstar x No I.D. + DJ Lindsey x R&B

music snobs odd future mixtape

Mixtapes! Get your mixtapes here! This week on Mixtape Monday we launch with the premiere of OKP boards regular AllyAl‘s guest mixtape for The Music Snobs featuring a trip through Odd Future. If you’re familiar with Al’s tapes or listened to The Music Snobs podcast when they go in on a subject (like, say, discussing Ghostface Killah with Erykah Badu) you already know this is going to be the definitive OFWGKTA mix to end all OFWGKTA mixes. Once you’ve gotten your art-hip-hop wolfgang fix, the homie DJ Lindsey brings us a hand-crafted set of electronic-soaked r&b with The Good Good. We then take things over to Chi town for a guide to No I.D.‘s best beats, sequenced by Trackstar The DJ. And more and more and more mixtapes on the way, as Mixtape Monday rolls on!

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