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Erykah Badu & The Music Snobs Discuss Ghostface Killah

Erykah Badu & The Music Snobs Discuss Ghostface Killah

ghost faced killah

Erykah Badu spent some time recently with The Music Snobs to chop it up with Arthur, Isaac, Jehan and Scoop about the massive career and genius of the Wu-Tang Clan‘s Ghostface Killah. The group also took time to chat about the history and importance of image in the music industry – the discussion focused on artists who have used the platform of public persona to improve their art and those who have allowed it to outweigh their creative work. Digging even deeper the crew popped off a round-robin discussion of song lyrics they might like to say in public, but never will. Check out the very relaxed, bare bones and highly amusing discussion to see what she had to say. Expect the unexpected.


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