Octavia Spencer Is Harriet Tubman In New 'Drunk History' Bit

Octavia Spencer Is Harriet Tubman, Union Spy In Hilarious New 'Drunk History' Sketch

Octavia Spencer Is Harriet Tubman: Union Spy In This Hilarious New 'Drunk History' Sketch

Over the years, Comedy Central’s Drunk History has liquored and slurred itself into our hearts, providing incredible, hilariously-inebriated retellings of some of the most significant events in our country’s history with Hollywood heavyweights reenacting those moments through a slightly-blurred lens. Last night proved no different, fitting actress Octavia Spencer with the role of heroic abolitionist and little-known Union spy, Harriet Tubmanallowing us to live through her historic raid and subsequent burning of confederate plantations in South Carolina for the first time ever, freeing 700-plus slaves in the process. Writer and cultural commentator Crissle West provides the gnarly narration, as Spencer & Co. hold down the chronicle of how Tubman transcended from army nurse to army general, infiltrating southern plantation with the help of mariners and orchestrating the very first American military operation led and planned by a woman. You can brush up on your Drunk History below, just be sure you tune-in to Comedy Central at 10:30 on Tuesday nights to catch your next lesson or hit their site for a text-book’s worth of notes on some of the most pivotal moments in US history.

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