Miguel – “Adorn” Live + Midair Collision W/ Fan At 2013 Billboard Music Awards


Miguel performed his r&b smash “Adorn” live at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards yesterday evening, in a set that was clean and pristine–everything except for the flying leap that resulted in a midair collision with one unlucky Miguel fan, an incident that can only be described as an unintentional flying headscissors. The performance began with Miguel decked out in bright white and flanked by his band for most of the set. He decided to get a little closer to his fans as the song peaked and attempted a short leap over the pit that found him hitting his target and a few innocent bystanders as he landed on the adjacent stage. Amazingly, Miguel didn’t miss a note even as he attempted to console his injured fans with a hug.

Miguel rounded out the performance on a high note, though he seemed a bit more subdued than he might have been otherwise, possibly as surprised by his own wrestling skills as everyone else. Meanwhile, back at the internet, you can be sure the moment was captured, looped and meme-ified for all time. It did not help that the affected fan was escorted quickly off camera, leaving the world in doubt as to her welfare. Billboard quickly cleared the confusion up however and it was not long before images of she and Miguel laughing together went online. Miguel commented on the incident during a post-show interview with Billboard and his injured fan, who we now know is named Khyati:

“Well, I think it’s kind of clear what happened,” he said, looking visibly embarrassed. “But I’m very happy to bring my new friend, Khyati, we just met . Unfortunately we did not meet under the best circumstances, but I think we’re okay.”

The young woman seemed to take the injury in stride, looking thrilled to be backstage with Miguel and even dropping a pun when asked what she thought of him.

“I Adorn him,” she said.

Miguel went on to say that he may have bit off a bit more than he could chew with the improvised jump, which immediately went viral, inspiring Vines and GIFs the world over as the awards show carried on.

“The crazy thing is, when you’re performing and you’re just kind of into it, you never know where it’s gonna go and where you’re gonna go with it, and how that might turn out,” he said. “So this is one of the less favorable moments.”

He summed it all up with a tweet saying, he “got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay”–later adding “Rockandrollmademedoit.”

After you check the performance footage above, you can enjoy some of the nutrageous memes that appeared online almost instantaneously–shame-free LOLs, ow that we know everybody’s ok:






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