MentPlus - "All My Friends" Video + 'Stormy Nights' Giveaway

Premiere: NYC Is A Skater's Haven In MentPlus' New "All My Friends" Video + 'Stormy Nights' Beat Tape Giveaway

Premiere: NYC Is A Skater's Haven In MentPlus' New "All My Friends" Video

With his 2015 beat tape, Storm Nights, Brooklyn via Jersey beat conductor and selector, MentPlusmade it painfully clear that there may not be a more fitting torchbearer in the slopped-to-perfection Dilla bloodline. Minimalistic chops and slightly-swung rhythms oozed out of that trim six-track collection, even hosting a true-blue sonic solute to the Motor City maestro. Today, however, MentPlus paints one of the collection’s standouts against the backdrop of NYC’s Lower East Side with help from director, Sucio Smash, where a skater’s tale unfolds amidst prime real estate and busied streets, winding through traffic, dodging close-calls with reckless abandon. That is, until a dime catches the eye of a concrete shredder, at which point the clip closes just as suddenly as he’s dragged off.

Watch the new video from MentPlus and while you’re down there, enter for a chance to win a copy of his Stormy Nights beat tape for the righteously low price of free ninety-nine. We’ll be giving out one cassette per day through this Friday, March 18th. All you have to do is shoot an email to highwatermusic@gmail.com and place Gimme That Tape as your subject to enter. Best of luck to you all. And if you’re looking to get acquainted with the project before you submit your internet digits, head over to Bandcamp for the full treatment.

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