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Luke Cage
Luke Cage
Source: Netflix

Mike Colter Discusses Iron Fist Team-Up In 'Luke Cage' Season Two

Luke Cage Source: Netflix

Looks like Luke Cage and Iron Fist are teaming up together as the Heroes for Hire in the former's forthcoming second season.

In an interview with BlackFilm, Mike Colter (Luke Cage) offered some details about Finn Jones' (Iron Fist) inclusion in the second season of Luke Cage.

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"There are people that love the idea of Heroes for Hire," Colter said. "When people saw The Defenders, they thought the relationship was good between Finn and I and they are curious. They want to see more of that."

"He will bring some fresh blood in the new season and I'm hoping that people will respond to it well," Colter added. "We are teamed up for a bit. That's the whole point of bringing that flavor to it. I can see how this works. That's what good about it. We're giving people what they want."

Colter also spoke about how the relationship between Cage and Fist was chosen over revisiting the relationship between Cage and Jessica Jones.

"A lot of times people wanted to see Jessica Jones and Luke and what happens to them; but we went out on a limb, and decided to 'let's give a little Heroes for Hire somewhere in the season and see what happens,'" Colter said. "Hopefully people will respond to it."

A couple of weeks ago came the release of an image from the forthcoming second season, which shows Cage and Fist in what appears to be a remodeled Harlem's Paradise.

Aside from the Iron Fist, we also know that Misty Knight will be making an appearance in the second season of Luke Cage with her bionic arm. The detective lost her arm during a fight with villain Bakuto, but in a photo released a month ago, Knight is walking alongside Cage with a new high-tech enhanced prosthetic arm.

Season two of Luke Cage will premiere on Netflix in 2018.