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Lizzo Performs at Summer Spirit 2018
Lizzo Performs at Summer Spirit 2018
Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of Sneakshot Photography

Lizzo Confirms Her Thong Dress Wasn't "Flesh To Seat" In New Interview

Lizzo Performs at Summer Spirit 2018 Photo Credit: Vickey Ford of Sneakshot Photography

Lizzo answers a question some of us were wondering following the controversy surrounding her thong dress.

Earlier this week, a dress Lizzo wore to the Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves game at the Staples Center in LA, divided the internet.

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The "Truth Hurts" singer had addressed the controversy of the thong dress on a recent Instagram Live. Now, she has taken to CBS This Morning to speak on the incident.

Lizzo clarified that the moment was spontaneous, and came about after the Lakers dancer came up to the artist and told her they wanted to dance to one of her songs.

"I remember, I was sitting there with my manager and my friend, and they were like, 'You should get up and dance. They're doing this for you,'" Lizzo said. "I was like, 'All right.' I got up and did what I always do."

From there, lizzo went on to confirm that her bare butt wasn't touching the stadium seat she sat on during the game, a concern that many people had when news of her dress circulated.

"Well, I had on layers down there. So it wasn't just, you know, flesh to seat," she said. "But yeah. It was out. It be out."

She also discussed the criticism she faced for the dress and growing to appreciate and love her body.

"You know how long it's took me to fall in love with this body? My butt was my least favorite thing about myself, and I learned to love it. And that was the thing everybody can't stop talking about," she said, before adding: "Be you, do you. Don't let anybody steal your joy. Especially not the internet."

In related news, Lizzo was recently named Time's 2019 Entertainer of the Year.