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Kari Faux's "Fantasy" CapThe Struggle Of Heartbreak
Kari Faux's "Fantasy" Captures The Struggle Of Heartbreak

Kari Faux's "Fantasy" Captures The Struggle Of Heartbreak

Kari Faux's "Fantasy" CapThe Struggle Of Heartbreak

Earlier this year I caught Kari Faux perform at New York's SOBs a couple of weeks after she dropped her debut album, Lost En Los Angeles. Using the set to go through a good portion of the album the artist went into one cut that stuck out most: "Fantasy."

"I'm no man's fantasy / I never planned to be / Didn't come with a set of instructions / So you don't know how to handle me." Backed by jazz production from collaborator and producer Malik Flint (BLACK PARTY), the opening lines were a straightforward, no bullshit warning.

Simultaneously empowering and vulnerable Kari Faux addressed insecurity with a laid back, almost apathetic confidence, her statement made clear: she's frustrated with not fitting into the mold of the "fantasy" woman but, more importantly, she shouldn't be expected to.

Now, the Little Rock artist has dropped the music video for the track and it's great. The visuals capture what appears to be the aftermath of a breakup, as the camera offers a 360 view of an apartment Kari Faux is in. At first there's no indication of anything wrong: her plants are green and healthy, the dishes are clean and she's preparing food. But something is up — pictures in frames showing the singer with someone features the latter's face scratched out, while the former says the lyrics in a detached and emotionless delivery.

Suddenly everything gets worse as the room becomes more and more unkempt. By the end of the video Kari Faux presumably meets her end at the hands of a gigantic upright bass. The entire sequence (minus the upright bass) is a figurative and literal look at what usually happens after a breakup, where you never leave your room and it's difficult to take care of what's around you when you don't even feel like taking care of yourself.

Check out the video below and purchase Lost En Los Angeles here.