The 'New Testament' Kanye West Mini Doc Has Arrived

The 'New Testament' Kanye West Mini Doc Has Arrived

by karaslamb
June 11, 2014 11:58 AM

The Fan Made Mini-Doc 'Kanye West's New Testament" Has Arrived Full Of Gems From Kanye's Most Memorable Rants.

The most inspirational and interesting bits of Kanye West‘s infamous rants are compiled in a brand new fan-made mini-doc entitled Kanye West’s New Testament. The footage, which clocks in just past the 34-minute mark, follows news of a cryptic card arriving at the Complex offices bearing a title and release date. That information sent fans into a frenzy at the idea that he might be dropping another project on the heels of the Yeezus LP. Instead, the end product is a short that strips the fat away from a bunch of conversations to expose Kanye’s best ideas and musings at their most potent and coherent. That language is set against ominous chamber music and clips that exhibit the best and worst of mankind’s innovations, the majesty of natural wonders, the might of wild animals and more abstract images that only serve to punctuate the urgency and passion of his statements. Without an overt linear narrative, the film is a certified curiosity that will either help the world to have a better grasp of Kanye West or give fans something new to debate. Either way, it’s arguably a win for Mr. West. Check the footage below to watch Kanye West’s New Testament. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

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