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Jean grae nelson mandela feat
Jean grae nelson mandela feat

Jean Grae Breaks Down The Importance Of Nelson Mandela


Jean Grae sat down with RevoltTV this summer at Brooklyn's Madiba Restaurant to discuss the importance of Nelson Mandela and the legacy of resistance in South Africa. The chat took place around the time that the international community began to express collective concern for the aging leader during a lengthy hospital stay. Jean Grae, who was born in Cape Town, details her personal ties to the country, discusses Mandela's importance as a major force in the movement against apartheid and gives a bit of insight into the impact that struggle had on the rest of the world. Jean urges people to use the tools at their disposal - namely the internet - to gather more information and educate themselves about the history of the country that became a global leader in the fight against racism, separatism and social injustice. Touting the "each one teach one" edict, Jean stresses the importance of passing information along to friends. Her message is especially timely in light of Mandela's passing yesterday. More importantly, it is representative of the South African spirit of unity and resilience as the world celebrates the life and massive legacy of the iconic freedom fighter and former South African president. Check the footage below to watch Jean Grae's message about Nelson Mandela. Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela!