Ghostface Killah - "Love Don't Live Here No More" [Official Video]

Michael K. Williams Stars In A Twisted Clip For Ghostface Killah's "Love Don't Live Here No More'

Michael K. Williams Stars In A Cinematic Twisted For Ghostface Killah's "Love Don't Live Here No More'

Ghostface Killah‘s 36 Seasons is in full-effect these days, folks. Today he dropped a tragically romantic (or is it romantically tragic?) clip for the soul-stirring lead-off single from the concept piece “Love Don’t Live Here No More,” featuring the lovely Kandace Springs on the hook and starring the ever-so talented Michael K. Williams of Boardwalk Empire and The Wire fame.

The visual commences in doughy-eyed bliss. MKW daps up Ghost on his way to scoop up his lady, only to find her shacked up with another upon his arrival. From there things get increasingly sadistic, before culminating in a murderous streak from two unsuspecting characters. All the while, the mighty Pretty Tony plays Da Mayor, narrating the demise of this tragic love triangle unfolding before our eyes. If you’ve yet to cop the absolutely stellar concept piece 36 Seasons LP, do yourself a favor and hit iTunes stat. Watch the official video for Ghostface Killah and Kandace Spring’s “Love Don’t Live Here No More” starring Michael K. Williams below.

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