Watch 'FUCKKKYOUUU', Scored By Flying Lotus

Watch The Flying Lotus-Scored Short Film, 'FUCKKKYOUUU'

by zo
January 25, 2016 2:23 PM

Watch The Flying Lotus-Scored Short Film, 'FUCKKKYOUUU'

Over the summer, the veil came off of Eddie Alcazar‘s Flying Lotus-scored horror short, FUCKKKYOUUUIn the time since, we’ve sent our own out into the world to see just what the madness was all about. The words of Sama’an Ashrawi led us to believe that the film was a ghoulish thing, gory and line-blurring all the way through its near 9-minute run-time. This past weekend, however, the film made its official debut at Sundance proper and was toasted to with performances from Neon IndianDan Deacon and the FlyLo himself.

But fear not, good people, the entirety of Alcazar and Flying Lotus’ FUCKKKYOUUU has been relinquished for your eyes and ears on this Monday morning, so that you can see and hear the frightful wonders of these two madcap minds for yourself, up, close and maybe a little too personal. Watch the film in full below, just be sure not to sleep on your boy. He’s already confirmed collaborative projects with George Clinton and Herbie Hancock for the new year, not to mention some new joint from Captain Murphy. So hold tight for the next transmission. It could be arriving any day now…

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