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OKP News: Erykah Badu Calls Papoose Out For Using Her Vocals

OKP News: Erykah Badu Calls Papoose Out For Using Her Vocals

Erykah Badu aka Fat Belly Bella


Erykah Badu recently checked Brooklyn rapper Papoose via twitter for failing to ask her permission to use vocals from her decade-old song “Cure” for his latest single of the same name. The accusation called the rapper to task specifically for failing to draw the proper paperwork necessary to utilize her original work and to a lesser degree, recycling her old material – a move Badu jokingly derides by remarking that the track was released two babies ago. It seems unfortunate that Papoose allegedly failed to clear his intentions or do the iis necessary to compensate the singer in his haste to release his long-delayed debut LP The Nacirema Dream – a move he never entirely cops to in his response to Badu, though he does offer a virtual genuflect to the singer with a compliment that calls her work timeless. She reportedly responded by retweeting a tweet from the rapper thanking fans for the positive feedback in what could be construed as an olive branch of sorts. Hopefully this issue ends well for all parties involved.


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