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Dres propagation video feat
Dres propagation video feat

OKP Premiere : Dres (Of Black Sheep) Imparts Wisdom To Our Nation's Youth In A Clip For "Propagation"

OKP Premiere : Dres (Of Black Sheep) Imparts Wisdom On Our Nation's Youth In A Clip For "Propagation"

In the wake of Monday's Ferguson verdict, could there be a more appropriate time to inform our nation's black youth of systemic prejudices and injustice? Black Sheep's leading rhymer Dres has taken it upon himself (like countless member's of the hip-hop community) to do just that, warning his youngin' of what's to come in a heartfelt clip for his new single "Propagation." The visual opens to Dres' kin and a friend debating whether to take that five-finger discount on a bag of chips with young not-so black sheep attempting to steer them down the right path.

The first time doesn't take, but after a few words from pops, the kids heed the call. Dres explains the nature of white power structures, the importance of owning the means of commerce and being as ambitious as you could possibly be. And while most would assume that messages so profound might fly straight over the head of a child of that age, there is a nod of confirmation that the little one will at least walk that path of empowerment. In a chorus-less torrent of affectionate and meaningful wordplay, Dres shows all love and provides a model for fatherhood and OKP couldn't be more proud to present it to the world. You can watch the video for Dres' "Propagation" below and if you want to own it, grab a copy of the single on iTunes today. Let's keep the love flowing for all of those in the streets protesting and wish them a safe passage.