ReVIEWS: Big Ghost Digs Into Drake – #VIEWS [Track By Track LP Review]

Big Ghost Tears Into Drake - #VIEWS [Album Review]

Ayo whattup… You now once again in the presence of the almighty Hands of Zeus aka the illustrious Phantom Raviolis aka the world famous Cocaine Biceps aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka the benevolent Galaxy Knuckles in the flesh….but yall might kno me as Big Ghost. The gawd is back in effect once again to bless the culture wit the words of wisdom n whatever…

Big Ghost Tears Into Drake - #VIEWS [Album Review]

But yo…yall hear that? Thats the sound of half the testosterone on earth evacuating the planet… Guess Drake done dropped a new album. Its no secret that I aint exactly this dudes biggest supporter namsayin.

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I mean son got a couple joints I dont mind listenin to but that Drake playlist in my iTunes is shorter than Rick Ross’s verse on “Monster” b. It aint cuz I got anything against dude…I jus hate his fuckin music n think he a ridiculous person. Aubrey can be many things tho… R&B chanteuse…imaginary sports aficionado… waverider… waveparasailer…wavehoverboarder… As well as some unique hybrid things such as a misogynist/fuckboy… fake sincere… The Human Urban Outfitters etc.. Most days I would rather stab myself in the nuts witta butterknife than actually listen to sons music on purpose…never mind 20 got damn tracks of it… but Okayplayer done threw the bag of money at me again sooooo… here I am. 20 tracks tho? Shit is gon be like listening to a chopped n screwed Celine Dion album b. Pray for me…

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