The Year In Review: Okayplayer's Top 15 Albums Of 2015

The Year In Review: Okayplayer's Top 15 Albums Of 2015

by Kevito
4 years ago

Let’s face facts, audiophiles around the OKP-universe… 2015 absolutely destroyed 2014 musically. It was as if at any moment we would be hit with something fun (Surf), weird (Cherry Bomb), dance-crazed (Watch Me Whip / Nae Nae), powerful (To Pimp a Butterfly) or just plain awesome (If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late). Genres blended and merged to create unique symphonies that couldn’t escape your eyes or ears, and the surprise album became the norm within the industry.

Artistry was in high demand this year, as acts like Alabama Shakes, Sufjan Stevens and GoldLink all pushed their respective boundaries. With all of these killer albums and singles, 2015 will go down as the year where criticism became microwaved fodder, the rise of the protest anthem hit center stage and R&B music made an exciting return to the forefront. As many of these projects still haven’t left our minds (we’re looking at you, Kamasi Washington), the last few weeks of December still has us looking around to see if we’ll get releases from Rihanna (Anti), Drake (Views from the 6ix) and Kanye West (Swish).

Without using extremely broad language, 2015 rocked-and-rolled in more ways than one, where no matter what style of music you were into there was a great new album available for you to pick up and digest. From the experimental world of the aforementioned Kamasi Washington to the sultry, ballad-filled crooning of Adele, we here at OKP HQ had some serious trouble deciding what to cut or include on our final list of Top 15 Albums of 2015. In the end, this post isn’t in ranking order and we’re not complaining.

It’s been a complete and utter blast, 2015. This year has given us rap classics that challenged conventional theory, expertly crafted saccharine meant for Top 40 radio play and a bonafide jazz masterpiece. Without further ado, please allow us to introduce to you the Top 15 Albums of 2015.

Happy New Year to all!

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