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DJ Premier x The Combat Jack Show [Pt. 2 & 3]

DJ Premier x The Combat Jack Show [Pt. 2 & 3]


DJ Premier returns in the last two installments of his recent interview with The Combat Jack Show to discuss the fundamental differences between the rappers of today and those that came up during his rise to prominence as a producer and one-half of the legendary duo Gang Starr. Premo breaks down his opinions on the scandalous allegations and legal troubles facing friend and legendary DJ Mister Cee. He also discusses the BET Cypher battles and sets the record straight regarding a rumor that he banned Justin Bieber from participating in the highly anticipated annual show of lyricism. Deviating a bit, Premo talks about porn and scoring adult films before jumping back into hip-hop. DJ Premier is happy to drop a few names when asked about potential collaborators; Drake is among the names he mentions. Check the footage below for the full story.

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