Dayne Jordan x DJ Ferno - "Einstein" [Official Video]

Dayne Jordan x DJ Ferno - "Einstein" [Official Video]

by karaslamb
August 20, 2014 5:33 PM

Dayne Jordan Teams WIth DJ Ferno To Drop A Short Visual  For "Einstein" - A Short But Serious Clinic In Dropping Bars.

Dayne Jordan and DJ Ferno take a break from globetrotting with DJ Jazzy Jeff to drop a quick clinic for anyone in need of a proper primer on how to spit bars with the video for “Einstein.” The studio footage directed by Christopher Schafer for Visually Inklined finds Dayne lounging around the workspace in a way that might suggest this whole affair was nothing altogether serious, if the sound were off. With the volume up, however, it should be clear that this is anything but a casual affair. While wordplay is obviously Jordan’s specialty, “Einstein” may offer new fans their first glimpse at the depths of his natural ability as he totally bodies the track without breaking a sweat. The clip cements Jordan as a formidable spitter with a versatile flow in under two minutes with a performance that suggests he’s also seen his fair share of battles. Check the footage below to watch the video for “Einstein.” Wind it back. Stay tuned for more from Dayne Jordan and DJ Ferno.

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