Tennessee Clerk Charged With Murder For Shooting Teen

Tennessee Clerk Charged With Murder For Shooting Teen

Tennessee Clerk Charged With Murder For Shooting Teen

Source: Screengrab via WMC Action News 5

A Tennessee store clerk has been charged with first-degree murder for shooting a teenager accused of stealing a beer from a convenience store.

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In a report from WREG, Top Stop Shop clerk Anwar Ghazali chased 17-year-old Dorian Harris from the store after the teen stole a beer, before shooting him from behind. The incident took place on Thursday

Harris’ body wasn’t found until two days later when investigators found the corpse next to resident Sarah Patton’s house. Patton said she looked out her window when she heard the shooting but didn’t see Ghazali or Harris.

“I didn’t see it,” Patton said. “If I knew that it was back there, I would have called the folks before now.”

According to a court document, a witness told police Ghazali walked back into the store after the shooting and said, “I think I shot him.” Ghazali also failed to call the police following the incident.

Recently, an unarmed man was fatally shot in Sacramento, California. Police were responding to a report of someone breaking cars windows. According to a press release from the Sacramento Police Department (SPD), a helicopter providing sky support found a man, later identified as Stephon Clark, in a backyard. Officers controlling the helicopter notified cops on the ground that Clark had just shattered a window with a toolbar and was now heading to the front of the house, later revealed to be a residence he shared with his grandparents and looking into a car.

The cops on the ground were given Clark’s location and found him on the side of the house, with Clark returning to the backyard, where police said that he then turned and advanced toward them with an object in his hands. However, police audio and video of the incident show that Clark did no such thing, and the object in his hands was just a cellphone.

A private autopsy of Clark revealed that he was shot eight times, with seven striking him from behind.

Source: WREG

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