Unarmed Man Killed In His Own Backyard By California Police
Unarmed Man Killed In His Own Backyard By California Police
Source: Facebook

'Gun, Gun, Gun': Body Camera Video Shows California Police Firing 20 Shots At Unarmed Man 

Unarmed Man Killed In His Own Backyard By California Police Source: Facebook

UPDATE: Police audio and video of Stephon Clark's death has been released, with both contradicting initial statements made by officers following the shooting.

Body camera footage from one of the two officers, footage from the sheriff's helicopter overhead, as well as the 911 call and dispatch audio were released Monday evening. Both the helicopter footage and body-camera footage contradict statements officers gave about the incident. Initially, cops had said that Clark charged at them but both videos show him slowly walking through the yard, only to be shot by the officers within seconds of encountering him.

The body-camera footage also shows the officers emerging from their hiding spot, with one of them yelling "Show me your hands! Gun! Gun! Gun!" before firing their weapons at him. The pair continues to yell for Clark to show his hands even after he's already on the ground and no longer moving.

The videos are posted below but are extremely graphic and may contain material that may be inappropriate for some viewers.

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An unarmed black man was fatally shot in his own backyard by California police Sunday night after mistaking his cellphone for a weapon.

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The incident took place in Sacramento, California, when police were responding to a report of someone breaking cars windows. According to a press release from the Sacramento Police Department (SPD), a helicopter providing sky support found a man, later identified as Stephon Clark, in a backyard. Officers controlling the helicopter notified cops on the ground that Clark had just shattered a window with a toolbar and was now heading to the front of the house, later revealed to be a residence he shared with his grandparents and looking into a car.

The cops on the ground were given Clark's location and found him on the side of the house, with Clark returning to the backyard, where police said that he then turned and advanced toward them with an object in his hands.

In a report from the Sacramento Bee, the officers shot at Clark 20 times, striking him several times. Clark was pronounced dead at the scene, with cops noting that it was a cellphone and not a toolbar that was in his hands. He died at the age of 22.

The two officers involved in the shooting were placed on paid administrative leave. Body-camera footage of the shooting will be released within 30 days, and Sacramento County District Attorney's Office, city attorney's office and the city Office of Public Safety Accountability will investigate the incident.

Following the shooting, approximately 120 community activists led by Black Lives Matter held vigil for Clark. those in attendance included family members and community leaders.

Source: Sacramento Bee