Sign A Petition To Bring The Captain Murphy Animated Series To Life

Sign A Petition To Continue The Tales Of Captain Murphy On Adult Swim

Sign A Petition To Make Captain Murphy's Animated Origin Story An Adult Swim Mainstay

Captain Murphy’s origin is one that is burned into the brain of all that had the pleasure of baring witness to its colorful exploration of Flying Lotus‘ extravagant alter-ego. Between the mishmosh of jumbled fairy tales (blown-out to fantastic proportions) and the frenetic frequencies, FlyLo freaks must have been teeming for more. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when a petition started making rounds on the internets, making a democratic plea for more of the Captain.

I suppose this is our own ballot submission, making an appeal to each and everyone of you to make your voices heard and sign the petition to convince Adult Swim to consider a long-form run of the (mis)adventures of Captain Murphy. That is, of course, if they aren’t already. Your computer screen isn’t the only place Cap has been promised to manifest, as he’s in line for a feature on his real-world counterpart’s upcoming album You’re Dead, slated for an October 8th drop. You can watch the initial installment of Captain Murphy’s origin story below and hit the link if you think he deserves to join the ranks as mainstay on the illest animation block on TV.

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