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'Black-ish' To Tackle Trump Presidency In New Episode
'Black-ish' To Tackle Trump Presidency In New Episode
Source: ABC

'Black-ish' To Tackle Trump Presidency In New Episode

'Black-ish' To Tackle Trump Presidency In New Episode

Black-ish is tackling the forthcoming Trump presidency in a new episode that will be airing this week.

In a teaser from the upcoming episode (titled "Lemons") the show begins with Daphne Lido (Wanda Sykes) discussing how Hillary Clinton could have been the first female president of the United States, but over 50 percent of white women chose to vote for Donald Trump instead.

Daphne then turns to Lucy (Catherine Reitman), a white woman who has remained silent throughout the conversation (obviously foreshadowing a certain declaration that is sure to catapult the conversation even further).

"Lucy, I mean, as a resident white woman, if there was ever a cue for you to talk, it would be now. Why didn't your sisters turn out for Hillary? Why is she just staring at me?"

Finally, Lucy responds. "Well, first, white women aren't sisters. We hate each other. Second, if you must know, I voted for Trump."

Inevitably, the admission causes an uproar, with Andre "Dre" Johnson (Anthony Anderson) getting everyone to focus on the meeting again, which goes well at first until Daphne wants Lucy to realize that her Trump vote makes her complicit in supporting racism.

"I'm a racist? I'm a racist," Lucy repeats, setting up the predictable line heard time and time again when a person (specifically white) is accused of being racist.

"I have black friends," Lucy says. "They're real. They're real."

It will be interesting to see the other ways in which the episode tackles the 2016 presidential election, as well as what a Trump America may look like. But the best part about this episode is that it is basically throwing shade at the time Trump declared that Black-ish was racist in a tweet he made back in 2014.

Trump's inauguration will be happening on Friday, January 20. The entrepreneur and The Apprentice star has had a hard time getting performers for the event, with a number of artists declining their invitation to play at the inauguration.

The upcoming episode of Black-ish drops this Wednesday. Check out the teaser clip below.