Need Gift Ideas? Read Okayplayer’s Holiday Shopping Guide To Black Friday 2015

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The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015v

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015v

Since its establishment, Black Friday has been a consumer freak-out of the highest order. It has incited riots, compelled the madcap deal-seeker to pitch tents outside of big box retailers and burned countless Turkey Day calories in thrown elbows and in a mad-dash for beyond-belief bargains. Too often, however, the high of Black Friday leaves one without the faintest note of fulfillment; a low of buyer’s remorse and a house full of impulse buys that get tossed-out before the Thanksgiving leftovers. 

But that’s where we come in. We’ve gathered up some of the most compelling music-nerd wishlist items from the internets in one streamlined list to help you avoid this year’s post-Thanks gauntlet. A companion script to your travels, a rosetta stone of stocking stuffers. Of course, there are the records, special edition reissues and limited anniversary pressings alike, some reading material for those of you that still know which way is up on a book, some treats for the aspiring DJ and even a little something for the hip-hop-loving comics nerd.

So whether you’re looking to score a prize piece for that special someone or just perusing for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Click through this hefty little list and cut to the front of the line. Some mayb be store-only items but most are available online, which is the best gift on the list. Because Black Friday is meant to be enjoyed from the comforts of your own pajamas.

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