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The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015v
The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015v

Need Gift Ideas? Read Okayplayer's Holiday Shopping Guide To Black Friday 2015

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015v

Since its establishment, Black Fridayhas beena consumer freak-out of the highest order. It has incited riots, compelled the madcap deal-seeker to pitch tents outside of big box retailers and burned countlessTurkey Day calories in thrown elbows and in a mad-dash for beyond-belief bargains. Too often, however, the high of Black Friday leaves one without the faintest note of fulfillment; a low of buyer's remorse and a house full of impulse buys that get tossed-out before the Thanksgiving leftovers.

But that's where we come in. We've gathered up some of the most compelling music-nerd wishlist items from the internets in one streamlined list to help you avoid this year's post-Thanks gauntlet. A companion script to your travels, a rosetta stone of stocking stuffers. Of course, there are the records, special edition reissues and limited anniversary pressings alike, some reading material for those of you that still know which way is up on a book, some treats for the aspiring DJ and even a little something for the hip-hop-loving comics nerd.

So whether you're looking to score a prize piece for that special someone or just perusing for yourself, we've got you covered.Click through this hefty little list and cut to the front of the line. Some mayb be store-only items but most are available online, which is the best gift on the list. Because Black Friday is meant to be enjoyed from the comforts of your own pajamas.

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

1. The RootsDo You Want More?!!!??!20th Anniversary Blue Vinyl Bundle

It's been a long time coming, but the true, blue double LP vinyl treatment of The Roots' debut studio albumis finally here. Present as it may be, prospective buyers need to jump on this quick, as it is only available in extremely limited quantities.

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

2. Akai's MPC Touch

For the future-minded frequency freaker with a penchant for new toys and a touch display. Oh, and deep pockets.

>>>Buy it (via Guitar Center)

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

3. The Roots Ski-Hat & Holiday Sweater Bundle

As if the vinyl treatment wasn't enough to give you the warm and fuzzies all over, the OKP shop is stocked with the fix to your sweater and cap needs. You can cop limited edition Roots holiday sweaters and ski-hats as a bundle for a righteous price today. The stocking-stuffer supreme.

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

4. One (Or All) Of Marvel's Variant Hip-Hop Cover Collection

The nerd-dom carries on with these brilliant pieces of hip-hop comic book synthesis. At this point, our readers should be more than aware of these mashed-up gems, but now that they're actually on stands across the globe, it might be time to procure yourself a few copies. Marvel has yet to put them up for sale on their site, but a devoted Ebay peruser could certainly have some fun teasing their friends with these highly-coveted mock-ups. Or, hell, you could even go and just cop the whole damn collection.

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015v

5. Questace Migos Turntable Slipmat

Ever wanted to deck out your ones and twos with a little high-fashion slip? Well, look no further. We've got the perfect garnishing for your vinyl excursions.

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

6. Amy WinehouseThe Collection 8 LP Vinyl Box Set

It should have been on your radar for some time now, but the full discography of the late Amy Winehouse is hitting wax with a splash. The eight LP vinyl box set is slated for release on December 11th, which is still little ways away, but we've got the hook-up in the shop for those looking to add this to their bookshelf.

The OKP Guide To Must-Cop Vinyls For Record Store Day 2015

7. Jimi Hendrix'sBurning DesireVinyl 2xLP

He put y'all onto this first-ever pressing of an uber-rare Hendrix bootleg back in October when the Record Store Day master list was unveiled. But lest you forget,Black FridayisRecord Store Day. It also happens to be the Purple Patriarch's birthday. And what better way to celebrate a guitar gawd's legacy than copping a full double LP treatment of some of his best late-career studio takes?

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

8.House of Marley Smile Jamaica Eco-cup Pack

A great gift for that cousin or aunt who wants to be down, but wouldn't know what to do with Bob Marley box set, let alone The Roots' remake of "Burnin' & Lootin." Luckily for them Jamaica also makes damn good coffee and everybody knows what to do with a cup of Blue Mountain, especially alongside a slice of sweet potato pie straight out the fridge. Best of all, Marley Coffee is bringing a new level of eco-consciousness to single-serve with the EcoCup recyclable capsule. Its the first capsule to use clear, recyclable plastic to help lower the environmental impact of single-serve beverages. Hust wait for the capsule to cool, locate the raised symbol on the side of the cup and click the tab directly above, peel off and discard the filter and its contents, then recycle the cup! For the cousin or aunt who prefers to brew a more traditional pot, cop theReggae Lover's Sampler Pack and Marley Mug.

A Tribe Called Quest's Debut Receives Limited Edition 7-Inch Box Set Reissue

9. A Tribe Called Quest'sPeoples Instinctive TravelsOn The Paths Of RhythmLimited Edition 45 Box Set

We can vouch for this one personally, thanks to the instinctively generous people over at Get On Down Records! 2015 was a year for music heads to revisit the groundbreaking impact of this album and pray for a Tribe reunion. But even if you still have your cassette in the original shrink wrap, there's nothing quite like owning in this expansive, yet self-contained box set, adapting the LP's 14 tracks onto eight slabs of 7" each with it's own art and housed in a eminently show-offable carrying case (good for wrapping and the lunch-pail shape will throw off the record-obsessive in your life til the very last shred comes off

>>>See More Pics Here

>>>Order your copy of thePeoples Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm25th anniversary box-set (via GetOnDown)

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

10. Loopy Lou DJ-In-A-Box

This little joint is probably the niftiest item on the list, granting one the ability for one to record, augment, pitch-bend and playback any sound you hear. All housed in a very stashable wood box with only four operative buttons. Admittedly, this one's probably more foryouthanthem.

>>>Buy it now(via Uncommon Goods)

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

11. Meow The Jewels Cat-And-Mousepad

"Who uses mousepads anymore?" you say. But that was before you realized that the feline sound freaking project of Run The Jewels has manifested its own take on a computing classic. I mean, just look at this thing.

>>>But it now (via RTJ)

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

12. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings'It's A Holiday Soul Party LP

It's the holidays, folks. Sharon Jone & Co. may have dropped this joint a little early for the worms, but that just means you've got a little more time to cop before the mistletoe comes 'round. Pressed to festively red vinyl, there may not be a record outside of Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" with more seasonal cheer. And with only 10,000 copies out in the world, the exclusivity factor is too too real.

>>>Buy it now (via Fat Beats)

The Okayplayer Guide To Black Friday 2015

13. Gift A Book!

Give the gift of reading, and wrap up the slim rectangle that says "Read a book, you illiterate but lovable relative!" Seriously, a well-chosen book makes the best gift especially when you can turn your holiday homie on to something you know they'll appreciate--or give them permission to sit down and read that book they've been meaning to pick up, but never find the time. Here's a few from our current and recent reading list that our sure to connect with the Okayplayer in your life.

Darlene Ortiz -Definition of Down: Ice T's cover girl and common-law wife (now ex) tells the origins of the West Coast rap industry from a unique flygirl-on-the-wall perspective, ranging from breakdancing at Radiotron in the days of Egyptian Lover to cameos alongside Denzel Washington as Ice became a Hollywood player. Rap's first power couple, as told by the game's original ride-or-die chick (check back for our feature review on Monday!)

>>>Buy here

Ta-Nehisi Coates -Between The World And Me: This is that if-you-read-one-book-this-year book. Not only should it be required reading for every American citizen who is threatening to vote in the coming election year, it's easily the most eloquent statements of what it means to be young, gifted and black that our generation has made to date.

>>>Buy Here

Timbaland - Emperor Of Sound: The sonic auteur of post-2000 hiphop tells his story in this memoir, full of fascinating tidbits ranging from Jay Z's reaction to the demo beat that became "Big Pimpin'" to what Pharrell Williams looked like with dreads back in high school. Read our review here!

>>>Buy Here

Paul Beatty -The Sellout:Another topper of booklists this year, the next statement from White Boy Shuffle author Beatty may be the smartest send-up--no, evisceration--of the tragi-comic cultural conversation around race we've seen.

>>>Buy Here

Marlon James -Brief History of Seven Killings: Released in 2014, this brilliant thriller centered around the assassination attempt on Bob Marley has found a whole new audience with author Marlon James win for the Man Booker prize this fall. The praise is deserved, read it now before it becomes an HBO original series!

>>>Buy Here

The Rap Year Book: Ice T's foreword makes this a nice companion-gift to Definition of Down, but the real appeal of this coffee table book is it's ambitious concept. Starting in 1979, the book pays homage to the most important song of each year, with the most important moments in the evolution of the culture and industry provided as context, from personal struggles to political upheavals.

>>>Buy Here