A Tribe Called Quest's Debut Treated To 45 Box Set

A Tribe Called Quest's Debut Receives Limited Edition 7-Inch Box Set Reissue

I suppose by now, the world has had plenty of time to acclimate itself with the fact that A Tribe Called Quest‘s debut outing People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm is celebrating its 25th year upon our earthly plane. And while the commemorative festivities are well underway at this point, it appears the good people at GetOnDown have a particularly impressive new packaging for the debut, fitting those 14 tracks to eight 45s for a freshly-announced, but insanely-limited box-set for the seasoned traveler. There will only be 1,000 hand-numbered sets, featuring “small-holed” 7-inch pressings of remastered recording from the legend Bob Power (no need for the adapter,) original artwork, a bonus track (!) and all of it fits snug into a fabric-covered carrying case for your own instinctive travels down the paths of rhythm. You can peep the gallery of images above for a taste, but once you’ve got your fill of eye candy, hit the link to secure your pre-order on this mammoth anniversary treatment. Also, stay woke tomorrow night, as the pioneers are set to reunite for one-night-only upon The Tonight Show stage. What tracks will be featured, still remain to be seen. We’re pulling for that A Tribe Called Quest x The Roots super-jam you’ve always dreamed of.

>>>Pre-order your copy of the People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm 25th anniversary box-set (via GetOnDown)

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