Beastie Boys x Elvis Costello live on SNL 1999

Throwback Thursday: Beastie Boys x Elvis Costello - "Radio Radio" Live On SNL Ca. 1999

Beastie Boys x Elvis Costello live on SNL

The Beastie Boys got their live 1999 appearance on Saturday Night Live hi-jacked by the eternal punk Elvis Costello, who then leads the Beasties in an especially speedy speedpunk rendition of his infectious “Radio Radio.” In case you can’t figure out why this video is our Throwback Thursday for this week, just look next door in the Okayplayer promo carousel–it’s because this week Costello also hijacked the next release from The Roots! With the announcement of Wise Up Ghost┬ácoming out on Blue Note in September. Or maybe they hi-jacked his shit. Or maybe they are both just incredible acts with a lot of mutual respect for each other; two champions for good in the music game who are movements by themselves but can be an unstoppable force when they’re together. Either way, we’re just putting this out there to the universe in the hopes that the universe will catch the spirit of the times and, echoing DJ Brainchild, give us a Ghostface Killah remix of the first single off Wise Up Ghost. Wise Guy Ghost?

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