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Atmosphere Fortunate Video Square
Atmosphere Fortunate Video Square

Atmosphere Connect With Wild Fans In Their New Video For "Fortunate"

Atmosphere Fortunate Video Clip

Still cruising on the success of their latest LP Southsiders, Atmosphere have just dropped a new video for album cut "Forunate." The slow motion clip features the Rhymesayers leading duo walking along a round-the-block line at one of their shows and showcases just how thoughtful (and, let's be honest, strange) their most hardcore fans can be. Shot on location at LA's Hollywood Palladium, the clip shows producer Ant carrying a birthday cake as he follows Slug, which is only natural--they shot it on Ant's birthday.

The clip shows the duo giving and receiving love from many an adoring fan, and thoughtful gifts like a paddle toy, remote control and a nice desk lamp all make their way into Slug's hands. The tune, though, is all about death. Over plodding drums and organ chords both verses dish out lines that dig into the certainty of Slug's impending demise and the worry that others will miss him the way he misses those who are already gone. The track's final couplet, "And all the life we wasted trying to make some bread / Might've been better spent trying to raise the dead" hammers the point home--"Fortunate" is a melancholy meditation on life's passing.

This past spring in an interview with Okayplayer, Slug said "Mortality is something I hear a lot now in the record that I didn’t necessarily know was there when we first started." To pair a light-hearted clip with such a heavy sonic concept is just like Atmosphere. It's good to see that the Minneapolis duo is still grinning, darkly, as they stick to their guns.