Action Bronson feat. Chance The Rapper - "Baby Blue" [Official Video]

Action Bronson Does His Best Prince Of Zamunda In A Hilarious Clip For "Baby Blue" feat. Chance The Rapper

Action Bronson Is The Prince Of Zamunda In The Video For "Baby Blue" feat. Chance The Rapper

By now, we should all be gleefully aware of Action Bronson‘s major label manifestation as the highly-entertaining, mad-rapping dynamo known as Mr. Wonderful. After a welcome midnight drop last night, I suppose we should have only assumed that there’d be something new in the form of eye candy from Bronsolino & Co. Sure ’nuff, Bronson’s follow-up treat to the release of his long-awaited piece is a highly hilarious adaptation of Eddie Murphy’s classic Coming To America, finding the buoyant blue-eyed spitter taking on a number of roles in the true spirit of the comedic legend.

You can find Bronson as virtually the full gamut of characters from the shit-talking barbers to your friendly (but well-equipped) fast-food worker to the leader of White Chocolate and beyond. The video was created as a submission to the forthcoming Youtube Music Awards and adds yet another rib-crunching clip to an already deep portfolio. If you’ve haven’t had the pleasure of putting your eyes to any of his clips, you owe yourself at least one viewing, but we doubt you’ll be able to restrain yourself from running them back a few times through. Watch Action Bronson take on the throne of Zamunda in the video for “Baby Blue” below and grab a copy of Mr. Wonderful on iTunes today.

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